Discover a rich marine fauna

Our top of the line fishing charter glides across the gentle waves… hearts beat in anticipation… and then, suddenly, a full-forced tug of the line… Could it be a large Yellow Fin tuna or maybe the King of all Game fish, the ‘Blue Marlin’? The excitement mounts and as the catch is resolutely reeled to the surface, the rush of adrenalin felt is unparalleled…

With its rich marine fauna, Mauritius is revered by Deep Sea Fishing enthusiasts worldwide. Our team organizes trips on all the coasts of the island, but focuses particularly on the relatively unexploited East, North-East and South-East areas for
an even greater rewarding fishing experience.

Anglers’ paradise

Warm deep blue waters, a gorgeous weather and prime fishing spots teeming with big game species…all conspire for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. The prolific East coast is ideal for top-notch challenges and amazing prizes.

We also arrange for Big Game Fishing on fishing banks, which are some 200 km away from Mauritius. The thriving banks are every fisherman’s dream. You can be sure to wind in a mighty catch.

Common species that you are likely to catch are the Bonito, the Wahoo, the Yellow Fin tuna, the Sailfish, the Dorado, the Blue Marlin and the Black Marlin.

Dorado and Blue marlin 150 Kg

Enjoy exclusivity and total freedom

The East coast is not only bountiful, but also refreshingly uncrowded. Amidst that idyllic setting, anglers will feel privileged to have the infinite blue sea to themselves, and all the time in the world to make their dreams of the perfect catch come true. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

Royal III cruising

Exquisite beauty – Admire Dolphins & Whales

The East coast of the island is also renowned for its unspoiled beauty. During fishing trips, guests may have the opportunity to admire the superb coastline and the occasional dolphins or whales frolicking near the boat. Admiring these magnificent creatures as they evolve in their natural environment is a treat in itself!

The East coast also offers guests the chance to behold nature in all its wonder: heavenly islets such as L’Ile Aux Cerfs and glorious waterfalls await discovery.

The traditional fishing village of Trou D’Eau Douce, from where most of our charters depart, is worth exploring as well. It is famous for the hospitality of its inhabitants and it is the perfect place to be if you wish to explore typical Mauritian ways of life.