The boat was just perfect and managed the swell very well. The team could not be more helpful. They did everything they could to ensure we caught plenty of fish and had fun. Gerard was very helpful making arrangements and bookings from the UK including taxi to and from our hotel.

JoAskew “Smashing days fishing with a great team.” Source : Trip Advisor

OMG - What an amazing team and amazing day out, we were originally book on Royal II but with the sea being too rough it was cancelled. Re booked and to my surprise we were upgraded to Royal III. The team were fantastic all day and the boat was amazing, go for that little extra its worth it. Well no Bill fish, but daughter and I caught 23 fish, Dorado, Wahoo and Tuna, throughout the day, just fantastic. We also booked the lobster lunch which again was absolutely delicious, there were skewers and salad, just amazing food - Thank you RBG Fishing for a great day.

Steve “Great fishing with Great Team”

Can't say good enough things about Gerard and the fishermen/captain from our trip. We traveled from the west of the island across to the east although there are boats going out on our own beach every day, well worth the travel as I don't think most of the boats near our hotel would have made it out that day. The sea was pretty rough but they assured us this was best as it brings the bigger fish up to the surface. We were only fishing for a couple of hours and caught 12 fish including wahoo and dorado. They prepped the dorado for us an we ate it in our hotel that was amazing! The crew onboard were very skilled and you could tell they did it everyday...they knew where to go and even when we had the bites at the same time, they all told us what to do (as we were all first timers!) and landed them all with ease. We were never without a beer in our hand or asked if we needed anything...quality day. They sorted out travel in the cost and we had a really good driver too in a spacious mini bus. The travel time was over a. Hour...but if I come back to Mauritius again il use these again regardless of where I stay on the island.

Gary M - “Fantastic half day fishing” Source : Trip Advisor Review

I went out just over a week ago with Royal Big Game. They sent a cab to pick us up at our resort (Constance Le Prince Maurice). My wife and I were picked up on time and taken out to the Royal II in the harbor by a smaller back once we got to the pier. After making our way out past the reef, my wife became ill from the waves and the crew was incredibly accommodating as they turned back to bring her to the pier and arrange a taxi back to our resort for her. She told me to keep fishing (she's a keeper). So we headed back out in hopes of landing a marlin. The morning was slow and we had fished for about 4 and half hours without a bite, but the crew was resilient and kept changing lures and pressing on. Then all hell broke loose. We had trolled above a school of mahi mahi and all of a sudden, all five lines had fish on. We kept at it with the mahi until it died down, but we had put 17 in boat. After a smaller lull, we hit a bunch of yellowfin tuna and put 21 of them in the boat too. Somewhere in all of this mess we got what we were hoping for... a marlin struck one of the outrigger lines, but it was off as soon as it had struck. But hey, that's fishing for you. I can't say enough good things about the crew or the management.

Ian C

We came for a two week holiday in June/July and high on my priorities was to go deep sea fishing. After doing some research, I decided to go with Royal Big Game fishing for a full days trip. Gerard was very informative and assured me that they would only go out when the weather was good enough. This gave me some confidence during a period when the weather had been changeable in their winter season. It turned out the trip was great we caught 7 dorado, of which one was a big male which took some fight to get on the deck. We also caught a further 5 yellow fin tuna and 4 bonito. The crew were great they tried a number of different techniques to land me something bigger like a marlin (out of season) or a shark which we just missed out on. All in all, I would highly recommend this very professional team and I will be coming back when the marlin are back in season.

Adam “Great day\'s fishing. Highly recommend!!”

First trip to Mauritius and wanted to something unique with my brand new wife. Had to test hers and my on fishingskills so after have been looking around and comparing various companies we decided to go for Royal. A truely right decision as these gents knows how to treat a lady, serve a beer, steer a boat and most important, help us to land a good amount of fish. I highly recommend anyone interested in fishing to go to Mauritius and get in contact with Gerard, the rest him and his team will do.

Martina “Royal, a true Royal experience”

It was our first trip to Mauritius and the trip was to celebrate my 70th birthday. Choosing Royal Big Game for my dream fishing trip was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Superb boat Royal III and a very professional crew who really knew where the fish were. My first fish of the day a Blue Marlin weighing in at 70kgs on my 70th birthday. But there was more to come, we hit a shoal of Wahoo and had a hectic half hour and it was topped off with a Dorado. More fish to come but my day was topped off with a six foot grey shark! I cannot have enough praise for a truly wonderful and professional crew - as a birthday treat It could not have been better. If you are looking to big game fishing in Mauritius look no further than Royal Big Game Fishing - they are the very best! Thank you Gerard and the crew of Royal III.

James “Royal Big Game Mauritius - the Best ! ”

Beautiful boat & very well equipped for the job!! Fantastic crew - very friendly & damn good at what they do! A truly amazing experience for the whole family....obviously for those who fish, but even for those that don't, but love to watch the excitement.

Tracy “Amazing experience”

My fiancee - an avid (yet not always successful) fisherman - made a booking for a full day of fishing onboard the Royal II. We truly could not have been happier with how the day went- catching tuna, wahoo, dorado and more! Sadly, we didn't see any marlin this time, but we have a great excuse for coming back! Fresh mahi mahi was barbecued for us at the end of our trip - the fish, marinade, preparation and of course beautiful surroundings made it our BEST meal on our trip. We wholeheartedly recommend Royal Big Game Fishing, not only because of our success on this fishing trip, but because Captain Edley and his team there care about your experience; they are knowledgeable, they put the effort into increasing your chances of making a catch, and overall are simply good, friendly and fun people. This wasn't our first time big game fishing, but we were blown away by the way they made our day at sea, and also the most memorable day of our holiday In Mauritius.

Domanski “The highlight of our amazing holiday in Mauritius”

We went for a half day trip that ended as a full day trip after catching a Blue Marlin, Dorado and Bonitos. The boat was really comfortable and clean. The crew was fantastic as well as the manager who invited us for lunch at a local restaurant near the harbour were they prepared our Dorado. He also took us to his office and told us some fantastic stories about his company and it's history. I had never been fishing before so this day with those great guys will be a memory for life


“Big Game Fishing Professionals” This company is truely professional. Manager Gerard is responsive and helped find other guests who would like to share the boat. Captain Edley finds the fish (in our case lots of Bonito, Wahoo and Dorado). The crew shares your excitement and is very helpful. The boat (Royal III) is in excellent shape and has a luxurious cabin. Good equipment as far as I can tell.

Source: Royal Big Game Fishing Trip Advisor - Michael S - Big Game Fishing Professionals

We spent the day fishing at the end of September on the Royal III and had a great time. The captain Edley has excellent local knowledge and knows where the fish are, we would imagine better than anyone else on the island. We caught Dorado, Tuna, Bonito and Wahoo...plenty of each. The boat is very stable and has very good facilities, the crew are very helpful and added to the enjoyment of the day. The Royal III is the more expensive of the two boats but we felt that the extra cost was worth it. The trip was easy to arrange and Gerard who was our main contact was very good. We have no hesitation on recommending this trip.

Source : Royal Big Game Fishing Trip Advisor - Jonathan W - “Excellent boat, crew and fishing&

Nous sommes encore sous le charme de cet équipage de pêcheurs autant passionnés que professionnels !! Ils sont d'une gentillesse et souriants comme le sont les Mauriciens... Le Royal III est un bateau de rêve, luxueux et confortable. Nous avons passé une journée de pêche mémorable avec des prises de daurades coryphènes incroyables !!! Nous avons même croisé un requin marteau à 3 mètres du bateau... En bref, si vous cherchez de l'émotion, de la passion et de belles prises et "surprises" faites appel à Royal Big Game Fishing et demandez : Louis Gérard Julie !!!! Encore un grand merci pour cette belle journée inoubliable !!!!!

Source : Royal Big Game Fishing Trip Advisor : Orchidee06700 - “Paradisiaque !!!! Fabuleux !!!

Avons passé une journée familiale inoubliable! Mon père et mon époux ont pêché des daurades que nous avons pu déguster sur le bateau en BBQ lors de notre retour, dans le lagon bleu turquoise. Un délice absolu. A notre demande, l'équipe avait organisé l'apéritif au champagne et le déjeuner au vin blanc. Avons dégusté également des langoustes, crevettes et calamars frais, salades et fruits locaux. Ce fut juste fabuleux. Nous avons ensuite pris un bain de mer parmi les dauphins. Ce fut la meilleure journée de nos vacances à l'Ile Maurice!! Bravo et merci à toute l'équipe du Royal 3, une pensée particulière pour Gérard le manager, et Edley le Capitaine, également excellent cuisinier! Nous revenons fin 2014!!

Source: Royal Big Game Fishing Trip Advisor Maude B

I'll start by saying this is one of the more pricier day trips but it is worth every rupee and more! My husband and I had the pleasure of going out on one of these boats with the most wonderful crew and we had a marvelous time!!! It was lovely to have a private boat trip, getting great views of the island with the added excitement of catching big fish! It was a real thrill to real in some of the larger fish, and the crew kindly filleted one of the fish so we were able to eat it fresh the same day. My husband was sea sick on the boat and the crew were very kind and caring! I would do it again if I could! thank you for the lovely trip - it was our favourite trip of the holiday!

Source : Royal Big Game Fishing Trip Advisor-jsharif

The winners of the SIOBC 2014 We did it. The winning team Gerard, Capt. Edley, Henri , and Jimmy from The Royal Big Game Fishing and us Seppo, Taisto , Antti and Timo from Finland really did it. I have been fishing also before with the aforementioned crew and considered them one of the best I know. Not only the professionalism they represent but the friendly attitude they have towards us clients is unbelievable. I know we will be fishing together in the future and I believe not only in Mauritius! Overstatements, NO! If you want to have good time fishing and at the same time catch some, take out the Royal 3 with the winning team. Seppo


Massive thanks to Captain Urbain, Ridy, Henri and Gerard from Royal for the second best day of my life. The first best being my wedding 10 days ago! My new wife and I decided to go deep sea fishing, it's always been a dream of mine to catch a Marlin. Sure enough 2 hours into the trip a marlin took, nearly removing the rod and chair from the back of the boat. 1.5 hours later, thanks to the great skill of Urbaine and his crew my dream had come true and we were heading back in with a 300lb blue marlin. absolutely amazing. If Carlsberg did wedding presents ..... Thanks guys. Will

Wil Whitaker

A truly amazing trip ! still thinking and talking about it ;-) As a beginner, I thought I would not achieve much, but with such an experienced crew a successful expedition is guaranteed. so many fish and big ones too ! And I also enjoyed admiring the whales and the dolphins. It was Magical.


Who could possibly be better to fish with than Captain Edley and his outstanding crew. ! What a pleasure to have a Captain who is more concerned to catch fish than the client. No drive around boat time without fish on Royal III. Absolutely professional and just as excited to catch fish as you are. Finally got that Marlin. Love to fight the Dorado !

M. Sarkesian

Went fishing with Gerrard twice and had fantastic fishing(25 dorado,30 bonitas,2 wahoo)and the best crew around!!!The most amazing boat on the island.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!

Gary Hinde