Here are some details on some of the remarkable species that you are likely to catch during your trip with us. Great weather conditions make it enjoyable to fish all year round. The very best period for Big Game Fishing in Mauritius is from the months of October to April.

The Blue Marlin

The majestic Blue Marlin is titled as the King of all game fish, known to exceed 2000 lbs. Mauritius holds numerous world records for this legendary species and has made many an angler proud to display his/her trophy. Blue Marlins typically engage in a spectacular fight once they are hooked. Every encounter with a Blue Marlin is an unforgettable experience. With perfect conditions prevailing throughout the year, anglers will enjoy the battle of strength and skill against this giant game fish. The very best season is from November to April.

The Black Marlin

The Black Marlin is generally found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Pacific and Indian-Oceans. Very strong and remarkably fast, the Black Marlin feed on squid and pelagic fish including tuna and dolphin. The Black Marlin has the power, size and perseverance to make it a first-rate game fish, coveted by anglers. Black Marlins are the only Marlins with non-retractable fins and they tend to swim deeply, without jumping. However, when hooked, they undertake impressive leaps.

The Sailfish

The Sailfish is one of the fastest species in the sea, making it one of the most popular and thrilling game fish. It has a magnificent blue and silver body, and an erectile dorsal fin which often stretches the entire length of its back. When hooked, it literally flies through the air, in an aerial display of fury.

The Yellow Fin Tuna

Tuna are excellent game fish and their fighting ability is extremely appreciated by anglers. The Yellow Fin Tuna is probably the most colorful of all the tunas. All its fins and finlets are golden yellow, but in some very large specimens the elongated dorsal and anal fins may be silver edged with yellow. It is highly regarded both as a sport fish and as table fare.

The Bonito

The Bonito is a fast swimming predator that feeds on squid and small fish. It is dark blue above, shading to silvery below. A schooling fish, it is known for going on amazing feeding frenzies and it is a good fighter.

The Dorado

Also referred to as Mahi-mahi, the Dorado is one of the most brilliantly colored game fish. Vivid blues and greens merge with flashes of iridescent gold as it puts on a worthy fight.  The Dorado is fun for the whole family and anglers love to catch it given its reputation as a furious and acrobatic fighter. It is also an excellent table fish.

The Wahoo

The Wahoo is a most thrilling catch given its dizzying speed and high leaps. A slim, streamlined fish with sharp-toothed beaklike jaws, the Wahoo has the reputation of being a loner. Anglers are always delighted to hook it as it engages in a memorable fight.