World-class equipment: the key to success

For optimal results, we use world-class equipment (Penn International), advanced fish finding gear and high-tech navigation devices. There is no question of losing the fish that you’ve fought for. The finest gear will be at your disposition for a hassle-free fishing trip that you’ll treasure forever.

We offer:

• Penn International Reels (130lb, 80lb, 50lb line test)
• Lures and Konas
• Harnesses
• Gaffs
• VHF Ship to Shore Radios
• Depth sounders
• Aft deck with 3 fighting chairs: 1 main and 2 auxiliary
• Lifebelts, lifejackets, lifeboat.
• 3 Dimensional GPS – to make fish finding as easy as possible
• Two 575 HP caterpillar - for power and precision when needed.


Equipment used on the Royal Big Game FIshing Boats


We use the most modern fishing tackle and equipment for maximum satisfaction and safety. A comprehensive safety gear is available onboard: VHF radios, IERCC, radars as well as flares, lifebelts, lifejackets and lifeboats are at hand.


Our boats are also fully insured by the best insurance company in Mauritius and include liability to passengers. Guests are therefore assured a safe and absolutely worry-free trip.