Our company comprises 10 dynamic fishing specialists, possessing advanced navigation skills and deep knowledge of the Mauritian territory, including fishing banks situated 200 km away from the coast of Mauritius. With over 20 years of fishing experience, our highly professional crew always does its best to ensure fruitful and challenging trips for both beginners and experts. We are proud to have one of the greatest crews in Mauritius. You will enjoy seeing our crew members apply their know-how at sea and you will have the golden opportunity to learn their little tricks and techniques. They are among the best fishermen of the island and their passion and enthusiasm are contagious.


As the captains skillfully maneuver the boat towards the best spots, seasoned fishermen Jimmy, Andy and Henry will detail the itinerary. Throughout the trip, they will also explain how to manipulate fishing reels. Onboard, the rod is yours and crew members are ever ready to assist you in landing your trophy. You don’t have to worry about safety since our fishermen will ensure security onboard and will be responsible for the manipulation of hooks or any other sharp tools.


  • • Expert Captains

Jonathan and Edley Rosette: Captains of Royal II and Royal III respectively.
Infinitely patient, they are also very attentive to the needs of guests and always do their utmost to meet anglers' expectations"

Ramesh Seelah: Assistant Captain.

All three joined the company in 1987 and they are renowned for their great experience as captains. They are among the best captains in Mauritius and are always up-to-date with new fishing techniques. Their amazing skills and expertise will enable you to explore the best areas and to know well in advance about the species of fish you are likely to catch.


  • • Professional Fishermen

Jimmy, Andy & Henry

During fishing trips onboard any one of our luxurious boats, guests will be assisted by 2 of our professional fishermen, along with our captains. When deep sea fishing, the most important thing is to hook the fish. You can be sure that our dedicated team of experts will do their utmost to hook your prize catch and assist you in reeling it in. Your delighted smile after an exhilarating fishing quest is what we look forward to.