A Pulse-Rating Three-Day Fishing Expedition for pros…

Our company has a real treat in store for professional anglers. We can organize a fabulous 3-day fishing expedition for advanced anglers who are ready for a remarkable journey. This trip can be undertaken only under the guidance of an expert crew with fine navigation skills. Our crew is among the few who have the know-how to conduct such an expedition. During this journey, we are accompanied by an additional captain who holds an International Captain’s License and a special insurance cover is offered to anglers. Food and drinks are also offered throughout the trip.

Our fishing specialists will take you to an exceptionally prolific site, some 200km off the shore of Mauritius. This special and unexploited site abounds with big game species and is a true haven for anglers. It includes ‘Sudan Bank ’, a thriving fishing bank where you are sure to make an impressive catch. The area is bountiful and truly exclusive given its distance away from the shore.

A Lifetime Big Game Fishing Experience...

The trip to this dream site takes some 11 hours and we depart at 6 pm. In the luxurious Royal III, anglers will set sail in absolute comfort, ready to make their dreams come true. Fishing starts at 6 am on reaching the site and we depart for the shore at 6 pm, after a fruitful day full of action, excitement and memorable challenges. 

This expedition can be conducted only from October to May and it requires perfect weather conditions. Anglers are advised to book for the trip at least three or two weeks in advance.

We also propose fishing expeditions to St. Brandon, another ideal site teeming with deep sea species. Be sure to book at least two months in advance as a special permit is required to access the area.

A trip to these amazing fishing banks guarantees you a lifetime big game fishing experience.